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If you are familiar with the TV series Kitchen Nightmares then you have already witnessed different kind of disaster that happens in a restaurant kitchen. What we typically see in a restaurant kitchen is that stainless steel preparation table and do not mention the mess present in a fully working kitchen. While it is the standard design for all restaurant kitchen, we at Kitchen and Bath Zone gives refurbishment services to keep those tables and countertops squeaky new, and clean. Over time, those stainless steel preparation table tops will just get cloudy and that’s a no-no in the food service industry. Kitchen and Bath Zone is not just home kitchen renovation focused on, we are talking about kitchen renovation which means all types of kitchen.

Customized Kitchen Designs and Cabinets from a Top-Notch Heathmont Contractor

Contemporary designs, minimalists, French-inspired designs- there are definitely a lot of kitchen designs you can choose from if you are not really good at complementing your own and other inspirations. But whatever it is, Kitchen and Bath Zone can do it! If you are living in a small space apartment, fixed cabinets are very prominent since this ensures saving space. But if you want to fully redesign the space and fully maximize it, you can always plot your design and we can talk it over. Our construction team has all the ideas and strategies on how to project such a design. We have worked with all types of spaces and room sizes- we even have recently installed a minimalist kitchen design in a bachelor’s pad in Heathmont which is a successful project we boast. Let us know if you want the same thing to happen to you, we are just a call away.

Our Projects Speak Better, Than Kitchen Showrooms in Heathmont

All our finished projects are posted on our webpage but that is just one thing. Our customers’ live feedback in the form of sharing stories with their friends and to mere strangers helps us spread the word of our credibility. We do not need a kitchen showroom to be placed in Heathmont, even if we do not base here and just one of our scope areas in servicing, our name has been known in the streets. Kitchen and Bath Zone is already a household name.

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